Morgan’s new three-wheel electric car is green in more ways than one

March 3, 2016 1 By Angie Bergenson

The fully electric Morgan EV3 isn’t like other electric vehicles.

Earlier this week, the Morgan Motor Company – a British automaker known for its vintage-style three-wheeler cars – showed off the pre-production form of its fully-electric three-wheel electric car, the Morgan EV3, for the first time, at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. For an electric vehicle, the car is not only unique because of its vintage, yet futuristic appearance, but also because it has a chassis made from ash wood, which will make it one of the more sustainably made EVs when it comes to market.

The pre-production EV3 features an interesting body and interior.

While this is the first time Morgan has showed off the pre-production version of its EV3, the British motor company first showed off a concept version of the car, last year. However, its pre-production model is different from the original concept, featuring a new body and interior design.

Unlike its traditional gas-powered three wheeler cars, the EV3 has a slightly stretched nose and a row of brass cooling strips instead of a large gasoline motor. The cooling strips not only provide the car with aesthetic appeal but also serve a functional purpose, cooling the car’s battery system.

The car’s design, which was inspired by 1950’s futuristic pop culture robots, also features asymmetrical headlamps and a single off-centered headlight. The passenger side of the car can also be closed off, making the vehicle more aerodynamic.

Morgan has promised that its electric car will match the performance of its gas-powered counterpart.

It should come as no surprise that the driving dynamics of the EV3 is completely different compared to Morgan’s combustion vehicles. Its electric cars offer drivers a much quieter ride and lack the rumbling noise of the combustion engine.

The EV3 contains a 20 kWh lithium battery, which powers the rear wheel 47 kW electric motor. Morgan says the car gets 150 miles of range from one charge. The company claims that the top speed is over 90 mph. While this is not as fast as other EVs on the market, Morgan promises that its EV will match the performance of its combustion equivalent. Also, due to the fact that the car doesn’t have a roof or a windshield, driving the EV3 is likely to feel like a fast experience.

According to Morgan, the final production form of its EV3 will be available near the end of the year. Although a final price has not yet been revealed for the electric car, it is expected to cost about the same as the company’s gas-powered model.

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