MyCroft fuel cell to be demonstrated by Global Resource Energy

MyCroft fuel cell to be demonstrated by Global Resource Energy

July 22, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research

Company hopes to show off the capabilities of new fuel cell technology

Recently, Global Resource Energy, a company engaged in the development of clean technology, announced that it had acquired patents from Atrius Holdings concerning the use of the MyCroft Hydrogen R-LEF Fuel Cell. The acquisition brought Global Resource Energy into the limelight because of the acclaimed, perhaps revolutionary, performance of the MyCroft fuel cell. Now, the company has plans to demonstrate the technology to its partners, hoping to win favor and investments for future projects concerning the MyCroft fuel cells.

MyCroft fuel cell generates energy through mechanical actions

The MyCroft fuel cell is notably different from its conventional cousins. The fuel cell does not make use of a platinum catalyst, which immediately reduces its over cost. Instead, hydrogen is used as a catalyst instead of a source of energy. The fuel cell generates electricity through mechanical actions rather than chemical processes. This allows the fuel cell to produce energy in a more efficient way, in terms of finance and resource management.

Global Resource Energy fields sublicensing requests

Global Resource Energy has been receiving a tide of sublicensing requests from companies that are interested in making use of hydrogen fuel cells. Thus, the company has opted to demonstrate the capabilities of the technologies to a limited crowd. The company is currently developing a prototype version of the MyCroft fuel cell for the purposes of this demonstration.

Commercialization of fuel cells could be possible through MyCroft technology

Sublicensing the system to other companies would help validate the capabilities of the MyCroft fuel cell technology. With multiple companies able to research and develop new uses for the technology, it may be possible to improve on the current iterations of the MyCroft fuel cell. Advances to the MyCroft fuel cell could make it more suitable for industries that are interested in adopting alternative energy. If the endeavor proves successful, Global Resource Energy may manage to commercialize fuel cell technology.


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