States receive grade from Freeing the Grid

States receive grade from Freeing the Grid


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July 21, 2012 0 By Erin Kilgore

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Alternative energy continues to be a political issue in U.S.

Alternative energy may be gaining momentum around the world, but it is often steeped in controversial because of its ties with the concept of climate change. In the U.S., alternative energy is most often a political issue. With the country’s political leaders divided on the potential problems that may be associated with climate change and unwilling to compromise on their differing beliefs, the progress alternative energy has made throughout the nation has been sluggish. Because of political turmoil, individual states are often pushed to take matters into their own hands and make alternative energy a priority themselves.

Freeing the Grid details the policies that go into the adoption of alternative energy

Freeing the Grid 2.0 is the latest installment of a policy guide from an organization of the same name. The guide details the alternative energy-friendly political actions that are being taken by each state in the U.S. The guide proposes a grade for each of these states based upon their adoption of alternative energies how friendly their environment is for companies that specialize in solar, wind, and other forms of power.

Freeing the Grid highlights rooftop solar for its promising potential

The 2012 version of the guide, which has run a total of six years, focuses on the concept of rooftop solar energy systems and small-scale renewable energy projects. Rooftop solar, in particular, has garnered a great deal of interest from Freeing the Grid because of its potential to generate a massive amount of energy for communities. This potential has not gone unnoticed by states, such as California where rooftop solar energy projects are beginning to take root in Los Angeles. Through the use of these energy systems, Freeing the Grid suggests that communities can be strengthened through cooperation and the economy can be bolstered by reducing the cost of energy overall.

11 states earn an A grade from Freeing the Grid

The Freeing the Grid guide issues a letter grade to each state in the country based on their alternative energy policies. A total of 11 states received an A grade, including California, Utah, and Arizona. The states that received the highest grades are noted as having the friendliest political policies concerning alternative energy and make excessive use of solar and wind energy technologies.


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