Natural gas may play a significant role in U.S. transportation

Natural gas may play a significant role in U.S. transportation

August 7, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Report highlights the possibility of natural gas playing a bigger role in transportation

Alternative energy and transportation is becoming a major issue in the U.S. The country has adopted some of the most ambitious fuel efficiency standards in the world. These standards have gone a long way in pushing automakers to produce more efficient and clean running vehicles. Hydrogen has emerged as a major focus for the auto industry in its endeavor to make more efficient vehicles, but natural gas may soon surpass it, as suggested by a new report from the National Petroleum Council, an advisory committee that represents the oil and natural gas industries.

Availability and cost makes natural gas attractive

The report suggests that vehicles powered by natural gas will become a major part of the country’s transportation market. The report claims that there is a great deal of potential in utilizing natural gas for light and heavy-duty vehicles. Much of this potential is due to the price of natural gas, which is becoming more competitive with oil. The advisory council believes that the growing availability of natural gas presents an opportunity for the fuel to be used extensively in the auto industry.

Auto industry has already shown commitment to hydrogen fuel

The U.S. has some influence over the auto industry, being one of the largest markets in the world. Automakers, however, have already shown their favor for hydrogen fuel. Most of the world’s leading manufacturers have been developing fuel cells for new vehicles for several years. These automakers have also invested heavily into the establishment of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. While these companies may show some interest in creating vehicles that can operate using natural gas as a fuel, these projects may take a back seat to hydrogen.

Hydrogen may end up being the leader of transportation in the future

The report indicates that infrastructure would be one of the most significant challenges in incorporating natural gas into transportation. If the infrastructure problem were resolved, the adoption of natural gas is expected to be much easier. Though the report has a focus on natural gas, the advisory council notes that continued investments in hydrogen fuel could make that form of alternative energy a leader in the world of transportation.


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