Net Zero – Reality Check: An Unapologetic Exposé on the Realities of Achieving Climate Goals

Net Zero – Reality Check: An Unapologetic Exposé on the Realities of Achieving Climate Goals

June 5, 2024 0 By Press Release

Frank, a fiercely independent editor of the “Futurology Chronicle” and an accomplished author in science and technology, brings forth his latest hard-hitting work “Net Zero – Reality Check.”

This book is the follow-up to his January 2023 release, “Earth Polycrisis – Reality Check.” It updates readers on the climate disruption events and climate policy developments since then, offering a deeper exploration of these topics.

His 9th book, a 321-page manifesto, cuts through the noise of climate change discourse, offering 142 chapters of unfiltered truth. Frank’s direct style blends future-focused realism, solid scientific facts, and a provocative twist to engage readers.

Net Zero – Reality Check isn’t just a book; it’s a call to action. Diving deep into the complexities of climate science, free from the biases of commercial and academic interests.

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About the Book:|
– Title: Net Zero – Reality Check

– Author: Frank (pen name of Frank Genin)
– Format: Paperback, 321 pages (E-book and Audio also available)
– ISBN: 9782958293055
– Publication Date: May 30 ,2024
– Published: Amazon

Book Overview:
“Net Zero – Reality Check” takes a fearless look at the scientific projections, activist warnings, political maneuvers, and environmental strategies surrounding Net Zero.

The book is divided into six parts:
1. Context and Concern: Revealing the core truths of climate science.

  1. Errors and Setbacks: A critical examination of the mistakes and missteps on the path to Net Zero.
  2. Resilience and Persistence: Highlighting the relentless efforts of communities, activists, and governments striving for genuine change.
  3. Innovations and Solutions: Presenting cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking techniques pushing the boundaries.
  4. A Reality Check: An unvarnished assessment of where we stand and the real challenges of achieving Net Zero.
  5. A Concluding Statement: Envisioning a practical and harmonious interaction between humanity and our planet.

About the Author:
Frank invites readers on an unrestrained journey through geopolitics, science, and technology. Breaking free from sponsor-driven agendas, academic constraint, and political influence, Frank celebrates real achievements while tackling challenges head-on. His aim? To spark independent thought and fearless inquiry in every reader.

hydrogen news ebookPassionately independent editor of the “Futurology Chronicle,” in its 4th  year with nine thematic issues annually Frank’s extensive background and relentless pursuit of truth shine through in each of his books, including this 9th one, establishing them as beacons of independent thought


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