New energy production technology validated by scientific and academic sources

New energy production technology validated by scientific and academic sources

May 23, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

New technology could make hydrogen fuel cells more viable

BlackLight Power Inc., a leading developer of innovative energy technologies, has announced that its breakthrough energy production technology concerning stable hydrogen fuel has won validation from leading scientific and academic sources. The company calls this production method its “Hydrino theory,” which encompasses its goals in converting water vapor into usable hydrogen gas. The theory has been tested by leading academic and industry experts who have all validated BlackLight’s process and deemed it effective for energy production. This breakthrough could open up a new future for hydrogen fuel cells.

Scientific studies show BlackLight’s production technology is a success

Six independent studies were launched by energy scientists and academics concerning the company’s theory. One of these studies was carried out by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which declared that the theory was, indeed, a breakthrough in clean energy technology and production. These studies indicate that BlackLight’s Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition (CIHT) is a viable way to produce hydrogen gas and could be a way to make fuel cells more affordable and reliable energy systems.

Capturing water vapor and turning it into hydrogen gas

The CIHT, when used in hydrogen fuel cells, is able to capture water vapor and convert it into stable hydrogen gas. Water vapor is a byproduct of the chemical reactions occurring within fuel cells. Typical fuel cells separate hydrogen molecules from water, a process that creates a large amount of heat. This heat vaporizes the water that is left over. BlackLight notes that this water vapor produced by fuel cells is, essentially, wasted energy. By capturing this vapor and converting it into hydrogen gas, the company believes that fuel cells can be made more efficient and effective.

Validation expected to add momentum to support of the new technology

Hydrogen fuel cells have often been the subject of criticism because of their problems with efficiency and affordability. Fuel cells are considered to be expensive energy systems that are not viable for commercial use. BlackLight believes that its CIHT technology can be used to solve these problems and expects that the recent validation from scientific sources will provide the technology with enough momentum to reach commercialization within the next few years.


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