New fuel cell vehicles are coming to Sumatra

New fuel cell vehicles are coming to Sumatra

March 22, 2018 0 By Alicia Moore

Ecubus will be delivering new hydrogen-powered vehicles to the Jakabaring Sports Center

New fuel cell vehicles are set to be delivered to the Jakabaring Sports Complex in Southern Sumatra. The vehicles will be arriving before the Asian Games 2018 and will serve as a means of transportation for those attending the event. IMS Ecubus Arcola, an energy and technology company based in the United Kingdom, will be providing the 10 hydrogen-powered mini cars and several double-decker buses that will be used during the Asian Games. The company expects that the vehicles will be delivered in August of this year.

Company aims to provide more clean vehicles in accordance with the Paris Agreement

Ecubus has noted that it is committed to providing vehicles that produce no harmful emissions. The company has cited the Paris Agreement as one of the driving factors behind this decision. Per the Paris Agreement, clean vehicles are meant to be implemented throughout the world by 2020. Interestingly, the Jakabaring Sports City, which will be hosting the Asian Games, has instituted a regulation that bans the use of gas-powered vehicles during the event. Even vehicles powered by solar energy have been banned during the Asian Games, though such vehicles are very rare.

Fuel cell vehicles are gaining more support for the Asian Games

The fuel cell vehicles will be used to transport athletes participating in the Asian Games as well as those attending the event. For regular attendees, conventional vehicles will provide some means of transportation, but these vehicles will not be able to enter the Jakabaring Sports City. As of now, the Jakabaring Sports City has 18 fuel cell vehicles prepared for operation, not including the vehicles that will be delivered by Ecubus.

Clean vehicles are set to play a major role in sporting events

Fuel cell vehicles have become quite popular for sporting events. These energy systems can come in a variety of sizes, powering anything from golf carts to large buses. Notably, fuel cells will play a major role in the 2020 Olympic Games, which will be held in Japan. The Japanese government is building a city that derives much of its electricity from fuel cell systems. This city will serve as a temporary home for athletes attending the Olympic Games.

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