New hydrogen fuel buses come to California

June 9, 2014 0 By Bret Williams

Hydrogen Fuel Bus

SunLine introduces two new fuel cell buses that will operate in California

SunLine Transit Agency, a transit operator based in Riverside County, California, will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony in order to honor the winners of its SunLine Student Art Contest. The ceremony will also unveil the organization’s new hydrogen-powered buses, which will be clad in the winning art from those that have won SunLine’s contest. The buses are powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which use hydrogen to generate electrical power.

Fuel cell buses are becoming more prominent in the state as California works to embrace clean transportation

SunLine’s new buses bring California’s total number of fuel cell buses to 16. California has been working on embracing the concept of clean transportation for some time, but has only very recently made any significant progress in this endeavor. The state aims to reduce the emissions it is responsible for by limiting the emissions that are produced within the transportation space. As such, clean vehicles are being heavily promoted and the state has begun investing in the establishment of a working hydrogen fuel infrastructure as well as an infrastructure capable of supporting battery electric vehicles.

New legislation aims to establish a zero emission bus program

Legislation focusing on the matter of clean transportation was recently introduced in the state as well. Senate Bill 1204 aims to create a zero-emission bus program. This program would be funded through the state’s cap-and-trade initiative and would be populated with electric buses, some of which would make use of hydrogen fuel cells. The legislation draws upon a roadmap outlined by the California Fuel Cell Partnership, which calls for some 40 fuel cell buses to come to California’s roads.

Automakers see a great deal of promise in California when it comes to their clean vehicles

Fuel cell buses are part of California’s ongoing endeavor to embrace clean transportation. The state is also supporting the adoption of clean vehicles among consumers, of course. Many of the world’s automakers plan to launch their own fuel cell vehicles in the near future and California will be one of the most attractive markets for these vehicles.

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