New hydrogen fuel project is launching in Finland

June 18, 2014 0 By Angie Bergenson

Finland Hydrogen Fuel - waste-to-energy project

Organization launches new project designed to turn waste into electrical power

A new hydrogen fuel project is taking root in Finland. The VTT Technical Research Center of Finland has launched a pilot power plant that uses fuel cells to generate electrical power, with their fuel coming from waste. The pilot project represents a waste-to-energy initiative, aiming to tap into an underutilized resource that could have vast energy potential. VTT believes that its project can help significantly reduce energy consumption  throughout Scandinavia.

Fuel cells will utilize hydrogen produced through waste management

According to VTT, the project can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%. The initial iteration of the organization’s waste-to-energy system boasts of a maximum energy capacity of 50 kilowatts. The energy system’s energy efficiency ratio currently stands at approximately 44%, making it one of the most efficient waste-to-energy fuel cell systems in the world. While the fuel cells produce electrical power by using the hydrogen produced by waste processing, they also produce heat. VTT plans to use this thermal energy for various purposes in the future.

Waste-to-energy initiatives are becoming more common as countries begin to favor renewable energy

Waste-to-energy is becoming a popular subject in many countries. Waste represents a potentially powerful energy source that is not often tapped into. Waste can be processes to produce hydrogen fuel, which can be used by fuel cells to produce electrical power. Waste-to-energy systems can tackle two problems at the same time, serving as effective waste management systems as well as energy production systems.

Adoption of fuel cells is still sluggish when compared to the adoption of other clean technologies

Fuel cells are most commonly used in transportation, but they have been used quite frequently in various industrial sectors. As the world becomes more interested in renewable energy, fuel cells are beginning to attract more attention. These energy systems are beginning to see use beyond the transportation field and are becoming primary energy systems in many parts of the world. The adoption of these energy systems is still being hindered by technical issues and the lack of an effective hydrogen fuel infrastructure, however.

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