New investment helps Nikola advance development of hydrogen fuel truck

New investment helps Nikola advance development of hydrogen fuel truck

December 28, 2017 0 By Bret Williams

WABCO invests $10 million in Nikola

WABCO Holdings, a commercial vehicle technology and service provider, has announced that it will be investing in the Nikola Motor Company. Nikola is a relatively new startup that is focused on the development of clean commercial vehicles. The company has plans to compete with other automakers that intend to launch electric semi-trucks. Unlike others, however, Nikola will be powering its new trucks with hydrogen fuel cells. WABCO has invested some $10 million to support this endeavor.

Companies will work to create better safety technologies

Both WABCO and Nikola also plan to work together in order to accelerate the development of new safety technologies. These technologies are being designed specifically for clean commercial vehicles. Such solutions could be of great benefit for autonomous vehicles, which are slated to become significantly more common in the coming years. Autonomous vehicles are expected to be powered by clean energy systems, such as hydrogen fuel cells. Driverless technology may become particularly common among commercial vehicles, which may increase their efficiency considerably.

Nikola aims to release new truck in 2021

Nikola intends to launch its new clean commercial vehicle in 2021. Testing of this vehicle is expected to begin in late 2018. The truck will be equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system that produces a considerable amount of electrical power. The only emissions that the truck produces are water vapor and oxygen. According to Nikola, the new truck will be able to travel as many as 1,200 miles on a single tank of hydrogen fuel. The vehicle is also meant to be less expensive to operate than its diesel-powered counterparts.

Automakers are beginning to use hydrogen fuel cells to power commercial trucks

Fuel cells are quickly establishing a presence among commercial vehicles. Several major automakers plan to use these energy systems to power new commercial trucks in the coming years. Nikola hopes to compete with these larger companies by offering a more efficient and effective hydrogen fuel cell system.

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