Honda files patent for new motorcycle that uses fuel cells

Honda files patent for new motorcycle that uses fuel cells

December 18, 2017 0 By Alicia Moore

New patent could show Honda’s next move with fuel cells

A new patent from Honda may have unveiled more about the automaker’s future plans with fuel cells. The company has filed for a patent concerning a hydrogen-powered motorcycle. Honda has yet to show off the new prototype vehicle, but the patent shows that it will, indeed, be equipped with a fuel cell system. The automaker has been working to aggressively promote hydrogen fuel in recent years. The automaker has showcased its forthcoming hydrogen-powered sedan, which will likely hit markets at some point in 2020.

Motorcycle will have a standard configuration but will be powered by hydrogen

According to the patent, Honda’s new prototype motorcycle will feature a standard sportbike configuration. A hydrogen fuel cell system will be located underneath the seat. The new motorcycle will likely make use of advanced fuel cell technology that Honda has been developing. The automaker has been working to make fuel cell systems smaller and more efficient, thereby making them more affordable. This will not be the first motorcycle equipped with a fuel cell system, but it may be the first to use Honda’s more advanced technology.

Honda is working to promote fuel cell technology

Honda has been supporting fuel cells for many years. The automaker was the first to bring a production fuel cell vehicle to the market in 2008 and has since been working on improving fuel cells. Recently, Honda joined a coalition seeking to promote fuel cell vehicles and build new hydrogen fuel stations in its native Japan. This group seeks to build 80 new hydrogen stations throughout the country within the next four years.

Automakers are looking to make fuel cells less expensive

Fuel cells have become quite popular in the clean transportation field. These energy systems have won the support of many automakers but still face significant challenges. One of the greatest challenges these energy systems face is their high cost. Compared to other solutions, fuel cells are relatively more expensive, making them somewhat unattractive to consumers. This is a problem that automakers throughout the world are currently working to solve.

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