New Jersey passes legislation to support solar energy

New Jersey passes legislation to support solar energy

July 8, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Solar energy

State hopes to keep its lead in the use of solar energy

New Jersey may have taken the lead in terms of the most solar energy installations of any state in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2012, but the state is not in the top spot for solar energy capacity. Until very recently, the state boasted of having some of the most supportive political policies concerning solar energy. These policies enabled the state to welcome a large number of solar energy projects, which went on to create thousands of jobs and help boost the local economy. These policies, however, are in danger of being cut or, in some cases, expiring.

Resurrection bill wins approval of General Assembly

State legislators have been torn on the issue of New Jersey’s solar energy policies for some time. With so many policies threatening to come to an end if no action is taken, lawmakers have begun taking aggressive steps in ensuring solar energy stays in the political limelight. These efforts seem to have paid off, as the state’s General Assembly has approved a new legislation that could save the state’s solar energy initiatives.

Bill to create a more positive atmosphere for solar energy

The legislations, often called the “resurrection bill,” is designed to expedite the state’s solar energy mandate, requiring the state to increase the amount of electricity it generates through solar energy systems by 2014. The bill is also expected to create a favorable environment for solar energy companies, encouraging them to begin operating in the state. Legislators expect that the bill will also help the state double the state’s solar energy capacity by making it possible for new energy projects to take root with the assistance of the government.

New Jersey aims to continue being a leader in solar energy in the U.S.

New Jersey has been one of the strongest advocates for solar energy in the U.S. The state has become a leader in the use of the energy and has managed to overcome alternative energy giant California in its use of clean technology and power. Legislators are keen to ensure the state remains a leader in alternative energy and believe that the approval of the so called resurrection bill will show sufficient support for the solar energy industry.


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