New partnership aims to expand solar energy in the UK

July 7, 2014 0 By Stephen Vagus

Solar energy - partnership

ZNShine and Map Environmental join together for 400 MW project in the UK

ZNShine, one of China’s prominent manufacturers of solar panels, has begun working with Map Environmental, an installer of solar energy systems based in the United Kingdom. Together, the two companies aim to build a 400 megawatt solar pipeline in the United Kingdom. The project coming from these two companies is valued at approximately $600 million and may help spark economic activity in both China and the UK through the creation of new jobs.

Project aims to bring solar power to a variety of sectors

The project is not focused on a singular industry and the two companies have plans to install solar energy systems through a variety of sectors. Map Environmental has established a strong presence in the commercial and residential sectors, installing solar power systems on rooftops and sites at social housing complexes. The company is likely to expand its focus into other sectors thanks to the help of ZNShine, which will be supplying the company with its photovoltaic modules.

Project may help create as many as 550 jobs

The new partnership is expected to create as many as 550 jobs in the United Kingdom. The project is also part of a larger trade agreement between the United Kingdom and China, valued at approximately $20 billion. The partnership between ZNShine and Map Environmental represents the largest international partnership of its kind may serve as a stepping stone to similar partnerships in the future, especially as solar energy becomes more prominent.

China helps reduce the overall cost of photovoltaic technology while solar adoption continues to slowly rise in the United Kingdom

China is currently one of the most prolific manufacturers of solar panels. The country has played a pivotal role in helping reduce the cost of solar panels and making them more accessible to a wider demographic. The United Kingdom is considered a fairly active solar energy market, but much of the country’s efforts in the clean energy space are currently focused on offshore wind power. Nonetheless, the demand for solar power among homeowners has been rising significantly over the past few years.

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