New study focuses on climate change in the UK

June 4, 2014 1 By Stephen Vagus

Climate Change Study

Study highlights the environmental impacts of a changing climate

The Met Office Hadley Center and the Newcastle University have released a new study concerning the implications of climate change in the United Kingdom. The study focuses on the environmental impacts the phenomenon will have, suggesting that powerful summer storms and heavy rainfall leading to unprecedented flash floods will become common in the relatively near future. The United Kingdom has become concerned about climate change, but because the issue is so politicized and controversial, the country has been slow to take action on the matter.

Summers may become hotter and drier in the UK

The study highlights the oddity of summer weather in Britain. Over the past several years, the summer season has been something of a nuisance and a fascination for those living in the United Kingdom. Temperature shifts, unusually strong and unexpected storms, and other issues are becoming quite common in that part of the world, and these phenomenon are likely to become more pronounced as time goes on. The study estimates that summers in the United Kingdom will become hotter and drier through 2100.

Intense rainfall could spark devastating flash floods

The impact that climate change may have on the country could result in less frequent rainfall. When it does rain, however, such events are expected to be short-lived but somewhat intense, sparking a wide range of flooding disasters throughout many parts of the country. A drier and warmer climate could also spark drought in the United Kingdom, leading to several problems regarding food supply and the availability of water resources.

Climate change is difficult to predict

While the new study aims to provide a model for what the United Kingdom may face regarding climate change, this phenomenon is very difficult to predict. Most climate models do not take into account any serious action that is being taken to mitigate climate change, such as the adoption of renewable energy and the aggressive restriction of emissions production. In many cases, these models take into account the modest actions being taken against climatic phenomenon or focusing on a future where mitigatory actions were never taken at all.

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