New study highlights health benefits of solar energy

August 8, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

Study details often overlooked benefits of solar energy

A new study from the Carnegie Mellon University suggests that more can be gained from solar energy than many may believe. For several years, critics of solar energy have argued that this form of power is not viable because of the high costs of its associated technologies. Solar energy advocates, on the other hand, have argued that these high costs are outweighed by the environmental and health benefits that are linked to solar power. This connection has been a subject of interest for several years and the study from the Carnegie Mellon University aims to shed some light on the issue.

Adoption of solar power could cause a sharp drop in emissions

According to the study, the increased use of solar energy could cause a sharp decline in health issues that are related to emissions. As more solar energy systems take root, the need for fossil-fuels dissipates, which leads to a reduction in the emissions that fossil-fuels are associated with, such as sulfur dioxide. These emissions create unhealthy conditions for those with pre-existing respiratory illnesses and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests that emissions are linked to thousands of premature deaths every year.

Solar Energy Health BenefitsSolar energy could be a significant boon for the East Coast

The study notes that states along the East Coast of the U.S. could benefit the most from an increased use of solar energy. In New Jersey, for instance, the study suggests that solar energy could lead to a dramatic drop in emissions. The study claims that solar energy systems in states like New Jersey would be 15 times more effective in reducing emissions than similar systems located in Arizona and states along the West Coast.

Study aims to shed light on emissions

The study does acknowledge that there is a lack of comprehensive support from the federal government when it comes to renewable energy and the health issues that may be linked to emissions. The study aims to shed more light on the issue and help raise awareness of the problems that emissions can cause and how these emissions can be mitigated through the use of solar energy.

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