New wind energy system is taking form in Texas

November 17, 2015 0 By John Max

Pattern Energy to develop Logan’s Gap Wind Farm with support from Walmart

The Pattern Energy Group has launched a new wind energy project in Texas. The Logan’s Gap Wind Farm is being supported by a contract by Walmart, which has become a major supporter of renewable energy throughout the United States. Pattern Energy is one of the most active companies in the wind energy of Texas and the state has become the leading power in wind energy generation. Texas has a significant amount of wind potential and has begun tapping into this form of clean power more aggressively in recent years.

Walmart will be acquiring electrical power from new wind energy system

The Logan’s Gap Wind Farm will boast of a capacity of 200 megawatts, which is enough to power approximately 50,000 average homes every year. Pattern Energy has entered into a 10-year deal with Walmart, with the retailer acquiring some 58% of the electricity that will be generated by the wind energy system. Pattern Energy has also been working with other companies to deliver wind energy. Last year, Pattern Energy formed a deal with Google, through which the latter invested some $75 million in two of the company’s wind projects in Texas.

Walmart has become an aggressive supporter of renewable energy

Texas Wind EnergyWalmart intends to derive no less than 100% of its energy from renewable sources in the relatively near future. Wind energy will play a significant role in this endeavor, but the company is also focusing on other forms of clean power. Over the past few years, Walmart has invested quite heavily in the development of new energy projects throughout the U.S. The energy the company has procured from Pattern Energy represents nearly one-fifth of the company’s goal of reaching 7 billion kilowatt hours of energy production from renewable sources.

Wind energy continues to grow in the US

Wind energy is beginning to acquire more support from various businesses throughout the United States. Recently, changes in federal policies have limited government support of this form of clean energy, but private investors and the business sector has begun to play a larger role in its continued expansion. In the coming years, wind energy may become one of the primary ways the country generates its electrical power.

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