Non-compliance with safety and other regulations by foreign workers triggers many problems

Non-compliance with safety and other regulations by foreign workers triggers many problems

December 21, 2018 0 By Press Release

Almost every worker, which has ever had the work experience in foreign companies, must undergo briefing. All the instructions that are given by an employer are only aimed at improving the safety level during the manufacturing. The main problem of almost all existing employers is the non-compliance with safety regulations. In order to fight this problem, a lot of input must be done. What actions exactly are undertaken by G&C international labor union of foreign workers? Let’s get into details.

The expert statistics show that 45% of all employees working abroad do not comply with safety regulations fully or partially. This tells us that the number of accidents constantly grows. In order to improve the situation, the representatives of the International Union rigorously select the workers, helping get a job only those people who are serious about the willing to perform their own responsibilities considering the needed safety level.

Moreover, the G&C international labor union of foreign workers implies the special conditions for various enterprises of all levels to toughen the safety norms when they hire foreign workers. Only this kind of actions can lead to full or partial elimination of problems and accidents, which, unfortunately, are quite often lately. People that plan to work in foreign companies in the field of construction or others are obliged to familiarize themselves with new norms and requirements. There’s no sense to list all paragraphs here, as every company possesses own requirements, which may significantly differ from the others.

What traumas or negative consequences can be with non-compliance of requirements, norms, and regulations?

We offer you to familiarize yourself with the list of traumas that may arise in the construction or the working place if the foreign employee did not comply with the safety regulations that he or she undertook to comply with:

  • Occupational injuries and accidents. If a person uses non-tested inventory and resources and does not fulfill the employer’s requests.
  • Thermal injuries and burns. One of the actual topics is the non-fulfillment of regulations to use special clothes and so on.
  • Bone fractures and action of other internal factors. Pay attention to the fact that such situations may occur not only because of the fault of employees. However, the original reason is this factor.

Obligatory toughening of requirements, norms, and regulations that are provided to improve the safety in enterprises is a key decision of the G&C international labor union of foreign workers.

Representatives of companies are assured that if every worker treated own professional obligations on the required level and in full accordance with the set regulations, then the risk of getting a trauma would be reduced to zero. To avoid all possible problems, we pay the attention of Union members to the fact that the main way to safety is your behavior and your actions. Certainly, many things depend on the employer but a person must adequately react on the standard things in the first place.

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