Offshore wind energy could make the UK a world leader in sustainability

Offshore wind energy could make the UK a world leader in sustainability

June 21, 2012 0 By Erin Kilgore

Offshore Wind Farm

Study shows that wind energy can become viable if cost reduction measures are taken

Wind energy has become a formidable form of renewable fuel. As its associated technologies grow more advanced, methods of producing electricity by harvesting the power of the wind are beginning to grow more popular. Offshore wind energy, in particular, is attracting more attention, especially in the United Kingdom. Like other forms of renewable fuel, offshore wind energy has been subjected to criticisms concerning cost. According to a new study from The Crown Estate, a prolific property businesses based in the UK, the issue of price may determine the future of offshore wind energy.

Offshore wind energy systems capable of meeting the country’s renewable energy goals

The study highlights the energy generation potential of offshore wind energy systems. Crown suggests that many of these systems could be delivering as much as 18 gigawatts of electricity. If more attention were given to these systems, the study suggests that the UK may be able to achieve its 2020 alternative energy goals, as outlined in the country’s 2011 Renewables Roadmap. The study indicates that, in order for this feat to be possible, cost reduction must become a key focus for the wind energy industry.

Cost reduction is possible, according to study

Cost reduction is often considered a monumental task in the realm of alternative energy. Crown has, however, shown that reducing the cost of offshore wind energy technologies is possible. The Crown Estate has involved over 100 companies and other organizations associated with wind energy in a 9 month study. The study shows that cost reduction is possible if these companies cooperate well with local governments and the various links in the supply chain.

Cooperation is necessary for UK to reap the benefits of alternative energy

According to Crown, if the UK can manage to promote this level of cooperation amongst its various wind energy companies and organizations, it will become a leader in alternative energy. The country already has a number of promising offshore wind energy projects on the horizon, which have put it in a position to reap the benefits of becoming a world leader in renewable fuel.


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