Offshore wind energy making progress in the UK

Offshore wind energy making progress in the UK

July 24, 2012 0 By Bret Williams

Offshore Wind Farm

Siemens announces shipment of wind turbines to the UK

Siemens, a German manufacturer of wind turbines, has been tagged as the supplier of 300 turbines that are making their way to the United Kingdom. Each turbine is capable of generating 6 megawatts of electricity, with the entire shipment accounting for over 1,800 megawatts of power capacity. The turbines will be used in the United Kingdom’s ambitious offshore wind energy projects, which are currently under development. The country has taken a keen interest in offshore wind energy because of the powerful winds it experiences along its coastal regions and the country’s ample access to the ocean.

Offshore wind gaining more traction as an alternative to inland energy systems

Wind energy has long been an interest in the United Kingdom and much of the rest of Europe. Only recently has offshore wind energy garnered enough support to become a reality. Siemens believes that there is a great deal of potential in offshore wind energy projects due to the stability of coastal winds. Traditional wind energy systems often suffer from doldrums in wind currents. During these times, wind turbines are not producing electricity and are thus considered ineffective energy systems. This problem is not present for offshore wind energy systems, however.

UK government continues to show favor for wind energy of varying kinds

The UK government has shown favor in the prospects of offshore wind energy due to its potential as a reliable source of energy. Offshore wind projects are more expensive that those that take root inland, but the offshore industry is still in its early stages. Advances to wind turbine technology coming from Siemens and other companies could help reduce the overall cost of offshore wind energy projects and make them more attractive to other parts of the world.

Offshore wind energy systems could produce more power than their inland cousins

According to Siemens, offshore wind energy systems can generate up to 40% more electricity than onshore systems. The United Kingdom is currently invested in building one of the largest offshore wind energy systems in the world. Once completed, the system is expected to have a major impact on the country’s use of fossil-fuels and its production of carbon dioxide emissions.


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