Pandemic changes the face of green cleaning trends

Pandemic changes the face of green cleaning trends

August 28, 2020 0 By Bret Williams

Consumers are uncertain as to what to trust when being both safe from COVID-19 and eco-friendly.

Over the last several years, green cleaning trends have been taking off among Americans and around the world as consumers seek to do more to make environmentally friendly choices.

Many people have switched to natural household products featuring non-toxic certifications.

However, over the last few months, consumers have been concerned about whether the green cleaning trends they have been following are enough to keep their families, homes and workplaces disinfected from the risk of infections including COVID-19 amidst the pandemic crisis.

Consumers have found themselves debating between products that can risk eye, skin, or respiratory irritation or risks to their children and pets, and products that may not provide the same level of cleaning as those less eco-friendly choices. These concerns are not unwarranted. It’s not always easy for the average person to gauge how effective a green homecare product might be in disinfecting their home.

Some green cleaning trends can certainly sanitize effectively, but others may not work as well.

The main recommendation is typically to be judicious about what is used and where they are used. The Environmental Protection Agency recently released a database of products that have proven themselves to be effective in disinfecting against COVID-19. Several green cleaners have found their way onto that list.

Research is still examining what more environmentally friendly cleansers and household products can do to clean in the pandemic. Everything from essential oils to UV light cleaning wands are being researched to find out just how much germ killing they are able to achieve when used properly.

That said, using the products properly has a great deal to do with whether or not it will effectively clean. Many people fail to follow label directions, meaning that they may not be achieving the full level of disinfection available to them. For instance, many products in green cleaning trends require time to be as effective as possible, but many consumers don’t give their surfaces the required exposure. Therefore, consumers are being reminded to read Green cleaning trends - Cleaning productsand follow direction no matter what products they choose for cleaning their home and work spaces.

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