Plug Power secures new and continued partnerships for its hydrogen solutions

Plug Power secures new and continued partnerships for its hydrogen solutions

February 26, 2024 0 By Angie Bergenson

Plug is expanding its reach in the United States.

Plug Power (NASDAQ: PLUG), a global hydrogen solutions leader for the green H2 economy, has recently announced the finalization of a contract to support a major US automobile manufacturer’s material handling operations, and also announced it has expanded its partnership with Uline.

Supporting the automaker’s material handling operations.

As part of the new agreement, the unnamed major US automobile manufacturer will receive hydrogen solutions, including on-site infrastructure and fuel cells from Plug to support its material handling operations at the automaker’s manufacturing campus.

The campus, which is dedicated to electric vehicles and batteries, is reportedly one of the largest in US history and covers more than 6 square miles.

Running on Plug’s hydrogen solutions.

The entire material handling fleet at the manufacturing campus will run on Plug fuel cells, which will replace any battery solution in electric forklifts. In addition to the fleet, which also includes tuggers, Plug will supply on-site hydrogen infrastructure. There will be two liquid H2 storage tanks and more than ten H2 dispensers.  

Hydrogen Solutions - Image of a traditional forklift in warehouse

Solutions that “enhance operational efficiency”.

“This new partnership further strengthens our track record of success in the automotive industry, marking a significant leap in promoting sustainability within the sector,” Plug CEO Andy Marsh stated in a recent Plug Power news release. “We are excited to elevate this facility with Plug’s state-of-the-art green hydrogen ecosystem, offering solutions that enhance operational efficiency while contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.”

Expanding its partnership with Uline.

Since 2015, Plug Power has collaborated with Uline, a leader in distributing shipping, industrial and packing materials to businesses across North America. Over the past eight years, Uline has used Plug’s fuel cell solutions in its operations, including the operations of 270 hydrogen forklifts between their six facilities. 

Now, the companies will be expanding their partnership, implementing Plug’s hydrogen solutions at Uline’s campus in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Hydrogen solutions that include more forklifts and on-site infrastructure.

In their latest announcement, Plug Power says it will supply 250 fuel cell forklifts and on-stie hydrogen infrastructure. This infrastructure will include an 18,000-gallon hydrogen storage tank and 17 hydrogen dispensers. This H2 infrastructure will provide hydrogen to the forklifts and service the campus’ four distribution centers.

Hydrogen is a “good match” for Uline.

hydrogen news ebookThe hydrogen solutions Plug Power has provided Uline over the years has been an asset to the company.  

Wade Goff, Director of Redistribution at Uline explains, “When we first partnered with Plug, fuel cells were still in their infancy. They’ve made our associates more productive because refueling is faster and easier than changing a battery. Hydrogen is a good match with Uline’s three operating principles: Speed, Passion and Operational Excellence.”

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