Portable battery charger uses solar panel to charge smartphones

November 23, 2015 0 By Angie Bergenson

HeLi-on is an innovative pocket-sized solar-powered external battery charger.

HeLi-on is “the world’s most compact solar charger,” according to its Kickstarter page created by infinityPV, the Denmark-based developers behind the solar panel portable battery charger. Essentially, this device enables mobile users to carry a solar panel and battery in their pocket.

The HeLi-on charger can both generate and store energy.

There are three key components that make up the HeLi-on device. It contains a large solar panel with organic solar cells that collect energy from sunlight. The solar panel can be pulled out and rolled back in. It also has an energy storage battery bank, as well as efficient electronics. All of these features are contained in a slick compact cylindrical device that is small and light.

There are two ways in which an external device, such as a smartphone, can be charged. Users have the option of unrolling the solar panel and charging devices directly from solar energy or they can use the internal battery when the sun is down. In both cases, it takes an average of two to three hours to fully charge a smartphone.

The internal battery of the portable battery charger can be charged via sunlight or with any USB charger.

The HeLi-on’s battery capacity is 2600 mAh. Its internal battery can be charged with both the solar panel or with any USB charger. It is compatible with any device charging via USB, such as smartphones, cameras, flashlights, portable game consoles, etc.

However, that said, while the HeLi-on portable battery charger is an impressive solar-powered device, due to its battery capacity, conventional power banks, such as the Mogix External Battery Charger 10400mAh, may be a better choice for some mobile users. The reason is that this pocket-sized charger contains a dual USB power bank delivery system, which enables users to power two devices at once, instead of only one device at a time. It also enables users to get multiple charges out of the battery pack before having to recharge it.

That being said, HeLi-on still looks to be an impressive and innovative eco-friendly device. Its battery charging technology is both convenient and practical.

When this article was written, the Kickstarter campaign for the HeLi-on portable battery charger had already exceed its kr500,000 goal by kr59,739 with 46 days left to go.

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