Portable hydrogen fuel cell unveiled by Brunton

August 9, 2013 0 By John Max

Brunton shows off its portable hydrogen fuel cell device

As smartphones and tablets grow in popularity, so too do portable charging solutions for these mobile devices. Conventional portable chargers are equipped with batteries that have a relatively short lifetime. For those using these portable chargers for their mobile devices, being away from a power outlet could become a problematic issue as their smartphone or tablet drains the energy from the battery packs quite quickly. The solution to this problem may be found within the realm of renewable energy, where Brunton, a manufacturer of technical gear for outdoor activities.

Hydrogen Reactor could be used to power mobile devices

Brunton has unveiled its Brunton Hydrogen Reactor, which is a portable charging system that leverages hydrogen fuel to generate electrical power. The company believes that its portable charger could be an effective replacement of conventional models because it offers more convenience to consumers through an extended lifetime. Like other Brunton products, the Hydrogen Reactor is designed to provide reliable power during various outdoor activities. It is also durable enough to withstand some natural disasters, making it a valuable power source in the wake of such events.

Device based on similar product from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Brunton’s Hydrogen Reactor is based on a similar product designed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. The product has been redesigned to appeal more to those that are interested in outdoor activities. The device makes use of small, battery-like hydrogen fuel containers. The hydrogen that these storage units contain is used to produce the electrical power needed to charge mobile devices. These battery-like units boast of 1,000 cycles each.

Demand for portable hydrogen fuel cells remains low

Portable hydrogen fuel cells, like the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor, are still quite rare in the global market. The demand for these devices is relatively low, as few consumers have a strong need for portable charging devices. For those interested in outdoor activities, however, portable hydrogen fuel cells could be a boon as these devices could keep smartphones and tablets operational for extended periods of time without having to rely on the availability of a power outlet.

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