PV market war continues as China Development Bank renews support for solar products

PV market war continues as China Development Bank renews support for solar products

September 28, 2012 0 By John Max

China and Europe continue to clash over PV market woes

Europe, the U.S., and China continue to clash over the goings on within the solar photovoltaic (PV) market. Europe has long been a leading power in the global PV market, until China decided to throw its industrial power behind the manufacture and deployment of new solar panel products. China’s aggressive entry into the PV market has caused some significant tension in Europe, where solar panel manufacturers and trade groups, such as EU ProSun, are filing trade disputes against the country. Amidst this turmoil, the China Development Bank has issued recommendations to the government calling for the support of the country’s solar energy industry.

China Development Bank issues recommendations for financial support of solar companies

According to China’s Securities Journal, a state-run publication, the China Development Bank is advising the government to approve financial support for 12 of the country’s largest solar energy companies. These companies, including Suntech Power Holdings, Trina Solar, and Yingli Solar, have established a powerful presence in the global PV market. They have also been the target of trade disputes that accuse them of “predatory” practices that have damaged the integrity of the market. The financial support provided to these companies is one of the issues that is being targeted by the trade disputes.

PV market war continues as China Development Bank renews support for solar products

EU ProSun continues trade dispute campaign against China

EU ProSun notes that subsidies provided by the Chinese government are available only to Chinese companies, thus creating a conflict of interest that could have the government going to extremes to ensure these companies do not fail. EU ProSun also suggests that the Chinese government is encouraging solar energy companies to overproduce and intentionally flood the European PV market with products to weaken the position of foreign companies. European companies have had trouble adjusting to the flood of products coming into the PV market due to the ongoing financial crisis that is gripping Europe.

China Development Banks wants more rational support for large companies

The recommendations coming from the China Development Bank call for more controlled lending to native solar energy companies. The financial institution is petitioning that lending to these companies be based on their capability of producing quality products rather than their capacity for expansion. The bank also wants to see financial support given to larger solar energy companies that are interested in acquiring their smaller counterparts in the hopes of industry consolidation.

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