Renault and Nissan to kickstart an infrastructure for electric vehicles in France

Renault and Nissan to kickstart an infrastructure for electric vehicles in France

June 28, 2012 Off By Tami Hood

Automaker looks to take matters into its own hands

French automaker Renault has been a player in the electric vehicle arena for some time. The company has been a staunch advocate of lowering the harmful emissions produced by vehicles and believes that electric vehicles are the best way to accomplish this feat. The automaker has recently expressed frustration concerning the rate at which electric car chargers are being installed in its home country of France. Without an infrastructure capable of supporting a large amount of electric vehicles, consumers may not be inclined to forgo their heavy emitting transports. Thus, Renault has devised a plan to promote the adoption of electric vehicles amongst consumers.

Electric vehicles to find an expansive infrastructure in France

The automaker has teamed with Nissan, another supporter of electric vehicles, to introduce free electric charging stations in France. Together, the companies have taken to installing these charging stations in public spaces throughout the country in the hopes of spurring the adoption of electric vehicles. Thierry Koskas, chief of Renault’s electric vehicle program, notes that neither company is looking to make this initiative long-term policy. Nonetheless, Koskas claims that immediate action is needed to kick start the momentum behind the establishment of an infrastructure that is capable of supporting electric vehicles.

Charging stations to be installed free of charge

Approximate 1,000 charging stations will be installed throughout France. Each of the stations is to be equipped with fast chargers, which are worth approximately $6,300 each. The chargers will be installed for free, with the costs being shared by Renault and Nissan. Renault hopes that the initiative will help shake France from the apparent lull it has entered in terms of establishing an infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Initiative could produce results in France’s electric vehicles market

Currently, France has spent only 5% of its roughly $60 million fund meant for the sole purpose of establishing and electric vehicle infrastructure. Politics are cited for the numerous delays that have sidetracked the initiative. Renault and Nissan are poised to take matters into their own hands in order to begin seeing results from the lackluster electric vehicle market in France.


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