Revolutionary Tri-gen system produces renewable hydrogen and more

Revolutionary Tri-gen system produces renewable hydrogen and more

May 8, 2024 1 By Alicia Moore

The system’s launch was announced by FuelCell Energy and Toyota Motor North America.

Is it possible to produce renewable hydrogen from biogas? It is with “Tri-gen” technology, a unique biogas-based production system. This system is the first of its kind in the world. It was created by FuelCell Energy and will be used by Toyota Motor North America (TMNA).

The Tri-gen tech can produce three products.

The Tri-gen production system, which was recently launched at the Port of Long Beach for Toyota Logistics Services (TLS), can generate three products:

  • Renewable hydrogen
  • Renewable electricity
  • Usable water

The innovative tech does this by utilizing an electrochemical process that is highly efficient and combustion-free. This process converts directed renewable biogas into hydrogen, electricity, and useable water, emitting virtually no air pollutants.

On-site renewable hydrogen production at TLS.

The Tri-gen system was built to support the vehicle processing and distribution center for TLS at Long Beach. Every year, this center receives an estimated 200,000 new Toyota and Lexus vehicles, making it Toyota’s largest North American vehicle processing facility.

Renewable Hydrogen -Tri-Gen Toyota FuelCell Energy 5-2-24 - Image Source - Toyota

Tri-Gen Toyota FuelCell Energy – Image Source: Toyota

According to a Toyota news release, FuelCell Energy’s Tri-gen platform makes TLS Long Beach Toyota’s first fully sustainable port vehicle processing facility powered by 100% renewable energy.

Each of the products produced on-site is used by TLS Long Beach. The Tri-gen can produce as much as 1,200kg of renewable hydrogen daily to support the fueling needs of light-duty and heavy-duty fuel cell vehicles. The system also generates 2.3 MW of renewable power, some of which is used by TLS Long Beach to support its operations at the port. The rest is delivered to the local utility. As for the water – a byproduct of hydrogen production – as much as 1,400 gallons of useable water daily can be produced. This is being repurposed for TLS car wash operations, helping to decrease the strain on local water demand.

Reducing over 9,000 tons of carbon emissions annually.

hydrogen news ebookTri-gen is expected to aid in the reduction of more than 9,000 tons of carbon emissions from the power grid every year. This not only supports TLS’ CO2 reduction targets, but the Port of Long Beach’s as well. 

“The dawn of the renewable hydrogen era is upon us,” said Mario Cordero, Port of Long Beach CEO.  “Thanks to our collaboration with Toyota and FuelCell Energy and their innovative Tri-gen system.” Cordero added that the green energy produced by the Tri-gen system and similar green projects, is part of the Port of Long Beach’s “multi-layered strategy” to fuel its goal of becoming the first zero-emissions Port in the world.

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