Report ranks countries based on energy efficiency

Report ranks countries based on energy efficiency

July 15, 2012 0 By Erin Kilgore

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12 countries scrutinized for their energy efficiency standards

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEE) has released its first International Energy Efficiency Scorecard report this week. The report aims to identify the countries that boast of strong energy efficiency policies and ranks these countries accordingly. The report may have a limited scope – accounting for only 12 countries – but the countries analyzed are the largest and most developed in the world. These countries have been making strides in making themselves more energy efficient for varying purposes, ranging from economic growth to environmental concerns.

U.S. receives low rank from ACEEE

The U.S. has had a troubled history with alternative energy and the concept of energy efficiency. The federal government has gone back and forth on its support of alternative energy for several years but has recently adopted ambitious energy efficiency standards. While these new standards have garnered the country praise from the environmentalist and alternative energy communities, ACEEE has ranked the U.S. 9th out of the 12 countries it has studied. The ACEE has issued a number of recommendations it believes can help the U.S. improve its energy efficiency rating. Among these recommendations is the practice of providing states with an incentive to adopt and comply with energy efficiency standards, as well as the introduction of a national energy savings program.

Policies and performance examined by ACEEE

The report examines a number of factors when determining a country’s energy efficiency rating. These factors range from government policies to performance in attaining energy efficiency and sustainability. Industry, building, and transportation are three key aspects that go into discovering a country’s energy efficiency rating.

UK, Germany, and Japan rank high in terms of energy efficiency

The United Kingdom holds the top spot on the ACEEE report, followed by Germany and Japan. These countries have been aggressive in their pursuit of alternative energy and have adopting equally aggressive energy efficiency standards. The UK and Germany, in particular, have made major strides in energy efficiency in the realm of transportation. Both countries have taken a strong supportive stance for hydrogen fuel cells and their use in transportation.


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