Researchers find new ways to produce pure water and hydrogen fuel

February 4, 2015 0 By Tami Hood

Research teams begin using bacteria to produce water and hydrogen

Researchers from Sintef in Norway have developed a way to produce purified water and hydrogen fuel using bacteria in chemical processes. Of note, researchers from the  have also found a way to potentially mass produce hydrogen using similar bacteria to what is being used by the team from Sintef. Both research teams believe that their discoveries could lead to a greater abundance of clean water and hydrogen in the future.

Sintef researchers find a way to produce energy from waste water while also purifying it

The team from Sintef has been experimenting with ways to convert waste water into power using bacteria. The bacteria used in their research consumes waste water, producing electrons and protons. This process generates electricity, but in small quantities. Researchers believe that the energy produced by this process would be enough to power a small fan or diodes. The process is entirely natural, making it environmentally friendly, with its only byproduct being the production of pure water. The research team has plans to scale up the process in order to conduct further experiments on water purification.

Bacterium could be an environmentally friendly way to produce hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel ResearchThe research team from Missouri has begun using a bacterium known as “Halanaerobium hydrogeninformans,” which is capable of producing hydrogen fuel when it is introduced to saline and alkaline conditions. The team believes that this bacterium is better at producing hydrogen than organisms that have been specifically designed for such a purpose. While generating hydrogen, the bacterium also produces organic compounds, one of which is 3-propenediol, which is often used in composites, adhesives, and laminates.

Demand for pure water and hydrogen is on the rise

Finding new ways to produce pure water and hydrogen fuel is becoming more important, especially as the demand for drinking water and clean energy continues to grow. Many countries could benefit from environmentally friendly ways to produce clean water. The growing popularity of fuel cells is also leading to a rise in demand for efficient and environmentally friendly ways to produce hydrogen fuel.

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