Scientists develop promising new solar energy device

September 8, 2016 0 By Alicia Moore

New solar device could be the future of urban power

Indian scientists have developed a new solar device that is capable of generating electricity. The team from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) calls the new device a “solar tree.” This device is claimed to be more efficient at generating electricity than conventional solar energy systems. The new device is comprised of several metal “branches,” which are connected to a large central pole. The branches are affixed with solar panels and these panels can be moved to face the sun at all times, maximizing energy generation potential.

Solar energy device takes up 100 times less space than its conventional counterparts

According to the research team, the design of the new device allows more solar panels to be used. This makes the device more attractive in terms of energy production. Notably, the device is much smaller than a conventional solar energy system. A typical solar power system requires 400 square-meters of space in order to generate electricity effectively. The solar tree, however, only requires four square-meters of space. This makes the energy systems nearly 100 times smaller than its conventional counterparts.

Smaller solar energy systems could be used effectively in urban environments

Solar energy - solar panelsThe compact nature of the new solar energy systems may be good news for the solar market as a whole. Purchasing land on which to build a solar farm is both expensive and logistically challenging. In many countries, land resources are quite limited. This makes it difficult for solar energy systems to take form due to the fact  that they require large amounts of land. The new solar energy device, however, may become very popular, especially in urban environments, because it takes up relatively little room. Such a device could help many cities become more environmentally friendly by embracing renewable energy and cutting down on emission production.

India is growing as an attractive solar energy market

India is quickly becoming one of the world’s leading solar power markets. The country is working to embrace solar power in order to make electricity more accessible to consumers and reduce emission production. India has been investing somewhat heavily in solar energy in recent years in order to distance itself from fossil-fuels and create more economic opportunities for its residents and businesses.

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