SEIA releases new white paper calling for modernized energy grids to prepare for solar energy

SEIA releases new white paper calling for modernized energy grids to prepare for solar energy

April 18, 2017 0 By Erin Kilgore

States may need to make efforts to modernize their grids in order to embrace solar energy

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has released a new white paper that calls for the modernization of the United States’ energy grid. Notably, modernization efforts should be taken more seriously in both New York and California. Both states represent very strong and increasingly popular solar energy markets. The problem, however, is that the energy grids in these states are not well suited for clean power. According to the SEIA, these states can do more to improve their electrical networks.

Outdated energy grids could make it difficult to make use of clean power

The SEIA notes that the U.S. energy grid is in dire need of upgrades. The grid must be modernized in order to account for the increasing popularity of clean power. As more wind and solar energy systems take form in the United States, the country is beginning to rely more heavily on clean power rather than fossil-fuels. With an outdated energy grid, however, much of the electricity that is generated by wind and solar energy systems goes to waste.

California and New York are leading the way in grid modernization

Both California and New York are leading the nation in terms of grid modernization. Despite these, the SEIA believes that both states are still in a very early stage of modernizing their energy grids for the sake of clean power. There is much to consider when a state attempts to upgrade its energy grid, such as how to develop a robust cost benefit framework for both utilities and consumers. Utilities will, of course, play a major role in the modernization of an energy network and states must ensure that these companies are able to operate effectively.

Solar energy may become very popular in New York and California

California and New York may likely begin relying heavily on solar energy in the near future. As such, the states will need to ensure that their grids are prepared to handle the influx of clean power. If their grids are not modernized, neither California nor New York will be able to make effective or efficient use of solar energy.

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