SmartBatt aims to produce lightweight batteries for vehicles

SmartBatt aims to produce lightweight batteries for vehicles

December 22, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

Smartbatt electric vehicle batteries

SmartBatt believes the solution to efficient electric vehicles lies in battery weight

Electric vehicles face many challenges that threaten their appeal to consumers and their ability to compete with traditional forms of transportation. Though electric vehicles have won acclaim for their environmentally friendly status and their fuel efficiency, they are widely criticized for their lack of longevity. SmartBatt, a new European Battery Consortium, believes that the solution to the problems that plague electric vehicles lies in lighter batteries. The organization notes that lighter batteries can vastly improve the performance of electric vehicles, increasing their range exponentially.

Lighter vehicles consume less energy

The weight of a vehicles directly correlates with its range of operation. The heavier a vehicle is, the sooner it will have to be refueled. This is true for electric vehicles just as it is with traditional vehicles. In order to increase the range of electric vehicles, which has been a high demand solution for this form of transportation, SmartBatt is working to develop more sophisticated battery technology, with a keen focus on lightweight solutions.

Lightweight batteries could boost the capabilities of electric vehicles

Lightweight batteries do not only mean better range for electric vehicles. They also mean that an electric vehicle will consume less electricity. This too means that these vehicles will be able to travel longer without the need to recharge, but also that lightweight batteries do not need to have a high energy output to keep a car running. SmartBatt suggests that lightweight batteries can be designed in a way that makes use of modest technologies and affordable materials, thus reducing the cost of electric vehicles to some extent.

SmartBatt working on ambitious battery technology

SmartBatt is currently working on developing a 20 kilowatt per hour battery that is 15% lighter than conventional units. According to the organization, which is comprised of nine manufacturing and technology companies from five different countries, this battery would be able to deliver approximately 36 kilowatts of power for an electric vehicle. If successful, SmartBatt may soon introduce one of the most efficient batteries that the world of transportation has ever seen.

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