Solar energy initiative wins backing of New York Senate

Solar energy initiative wins backing of New York Senate

May 4, 2013 0 By Alicia Moore

New York Solar Energy

Lawmakers approve extension of solar energy initiative

The New York State Senate has unanimously agrees to extend the acclaimed NY-Sun Initiative for an additional 10 years. The initiative is designed to promote the use of solar energy throughout the state and this is accomplished through the offering of financial incentives and other services. The NY-Sun Initiative also works with several participating organizations in order to reduce the cost of solar energy technologies that are available in the market, further making this form of renewable energy more accessible to a wider range of consumers and businesses.

NY-Sun Initiative considered a success

Thus far, the initiative has been considered a success by state officials. NY-Sun has successfully reduced the cost of solar panels and other technologies in several sectors and has helped many homeowners throughout New York install solar energy systems on their properties. Businesses have also found it easier to take advantage of solar energy through the initiative, helping make New York one of the most prominent markets for solar power in the country. The success of the initiative has helped state lawmakers see the promising potential of solar energy, and the Senate is eager to ensure that the program continues unabated.

Lawmakers show unanimous support for solar energy program

The Senate has extended the lifetime of the initiative to 2023 and has approved adequate funding for the program for the next decade. Lawmakers have cited the program’s accomplishment of bringing solar energy to more than 27,000 homes throughout New York as a contributing factor to their support for the initiative. The legislation that extends the life of the initiative will also have other implications for solar energy in New York, of course. The legislation calls for the addition of 2,200 megawatts of solar energy capacity to the state and tasks the renewable energy sector with creating more permanent jobs associated with clean power.

New York may soon become leader in solar energy

New York has established for itself very ambitious renewable energy and sustainability goals. State officials expect to reach these goals through the use of solar energy and the state has been making significant progress to this end. With the help of the NY-Sun Initiative, New York is expected to further establish itself as a leader in the solar energy field and may even rival California and Hawaii in the near future.

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