Solar energy leasing program launched in Australia

August 28, 2013 0 By Erin Kilgore

SunPower launches new solar energy leasing program

SunPower, a solar energy company based in the U.S., has announced its partnership with Australia’s Community First Credit Union. Through this partnership, SunPower is set to launch a new financing initiative for its leasing arrangements in Australia. The company has been working to establish a stronger foothold in the country in an effort to take advantage of the abundant sunlight that Australia is exposed to on a daily basis. This exposure has made the country one of the most attractive solar energy markets in the world.

Australia may hold a great deal of promise for solar power

SunPower has high hopes for Australia and has been looking to promote the adoption of its photovoltaic modules throughout the country. This is to be accomplished through a leasing program that gives consumers and businesses access to solar energy without forcing them to manage the often prohibitive upfront costs associated with solar power. With the help of Community First Credit Union, SunPower may be able to accomplish this goal.

Solar Energy AustraliaSunPower aims to expand solar throughout the country

Earlier this year, SunPower revealed plans to have Australia serve as a testing ground for new solar energy systems and leasing programs. The company is interested in expanding the reach of solar energy to homeowners throughout the country and has seen significant interest from businesses as well. Rooftop solar systems, in particular, have been growing in demand throughout Australia and are often considered a good way to cut down on the costs associated with energy in general.

SunPower to finance up to $35,000 for rooftop projects

Alongside Community First Credit Union, SunPower is offering to finance up to $35,000 for rooftop solar systems over a period of ten years. There is no deposit required for this financing initiative and those participating in this program can pay off their loan early if they so desire. SunPower suggests that solar systems built to accommodate consumer need may be able to produce energy savings that exceed monthly loan payments.

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