Two new solar energy projects are coming to Australia

August 5, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

AGL Energy and First Solar team to develop new solar energy projects

AGL Energy, one of the largest energy organizations in Australia, has teamed with First Solar in order to establish two new solar energy systems in Australia. First Solar is based in the U.S. and specializes in utility-scale solar energy systems. The company has been looking to break into foreign markets, with a keen interest in Australia. The country is home to a great deal of solar energy potential due to its near-constant exposure to solar radiation.

Projects to bring 155MW to Australia

Together, AGL Energy and First Solar will work to bring 155 megawatts of solar energy to the country. Approximately 102 megawatts will be delivered from a facility that will be built in Nyngan, with the remaining 53 megawatts coming from a project taking root at Broken Hill. Together, these two projects will be able to produce enough energy to power more than 50,000 average homes in New South Wales.

Australia solar energy partnershipProjects expected to create 450 new jobs

Both projects are receiving financial support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. So far, the agency has committed $166.7 million to the projects. An additional $64 million has come from the New South Wales Government. The total cost of both projects is estimated to be $450 million, with the majority of the funding coming from AGL Energy and First Solar. Both projects are expected to create approximately 450 new jobs.

Solar energy continues to receive support from Australia

First Solar suggests that the two projects will be the largest utility-scale solar energy ventures that Australia has ever seen. These projects will help demonstrate the capabilities and economic prospects of solar energy. Australia has been supporting solar energy projects more aggressively in recent years in order to mitigate environmental dangers and stimulate economic growth. Solar energy may eventually help the country break its reliance on fossil-fuels, thereby cutting down on emissions and saving money on costly fuels like oil.


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