Solar energy market in the US to be driven forward by 10 states

May 13, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

10 states are leading the way in the adoption of solar power

Solar energy is growing throughout the United States, but 10 states are leading the way in the growth of this sector of clean power. These states have been showing more support for this form of renewable energy in recent years, providing incentives for solar developers designed to ensure that their projects are successful. Currently, the entire country only derives 0.65% of its energy from solar power, but this is beginning to change thanks to the efforts of some states. Last year, renewable energy accounted for 13% of the electricity used in the United States.

California holds the top position as a leader in solar energy

California is, currently, the leading state in terms of solar power. The state has been supporting this form of clean energy for several years, hoping that it will help it become more environmentally friendly and give the state access to new economic opportunities. Texas is also showing strong support for solar energy, but is currently ranked 7th in the country in terms of solar adoption. In the coming years, however, this may change due to the massive projects that are taking form in the state.

Nevada policies make it unfavorable for solar developers

Solar Energy Market USAThe 10 states with the most solar energy capacity are California, New Jersey, Arizona, Massachusetts, New York, Nevada, Texas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Colorado. Until very recently, Nevada was considered a very attractive solar energy market, but recent legislative moves have effectively crippled the market. Now, solar developers are fleeing Nevada, taking their projects to other states that are considered more viable solar energy markets.

Solar energy market to expand in the coming years

As the U.S. begins to focus more heavily on renewable power, the solar energy market is expected to grow considerably. California is expected to continue leading the way in terms of solar power. The state currently has some 3,700 megawatts of solar capacity generating electrical power, which is enough to power approximately 607,000 average homes. The solar energy market has already grown significantly, considering that in 1999, the country only had some 1,000 megawatts of solar capacity as a whole.

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