ITM Power and Good Energy team to explore renewable hydrogen fuel production

May 12, 2016 0 By Tami Hood

Companies come together to develop new hydrogen production solutions

ITM Power, a leading name in hydrogen technology, has announced that it has formed a Memorandum of Understanding with Good Energy to explore the potential of zero carbon hydrogen solutions. Both companies have agreed to work together to explore the viability of renewable hydrogen fuel production. Such a venture would focus on the use of clean power, using this energy to produce hydrogen without also producing any harmful emissions, making the production process more environmentally friendly.

ITM Power and Good Energy will work together to connect renewable energy systems to hydrogen production sites

Through the partnership, both ITM Power and Good Energy will look for ways to connect renewable energy systems to hydrogen fuel production sites. Doing so may involve the development of new technologies that will make the production process more efficient. Good Energy believes that this technology may play a major role in dictating the future evolution of renewable energy throughout the world.

Renewable hydrogen production is becoming a major priority

Partnership - Hydrogen Fuel ProductionFinding ways to make hydrogen fuel production more environmentally friendly is becoming an important issue for those interested in renewable energy. Conventional hydrogen production methods are heavily reliant on fossil-fuels because the production process itself requires a great deal of electrical power. Because of the use of fossil-fuels, hydrogen is often considered less clean than other forms of renewable power. While using hydrogen to generate electricity does not result in the production of greenhouse gases, the production of hydrogen does.

Years of research and development may be needed to make renewable hydrogen production viable

Renewable hydrogen fuel production may be an attractive prospect in countries where clean transportation has become a priority. Currently, ITM Power operates two hydrogen stations in the United Kingdom and has been investing in the development of renewable production systems for some time. Such systems may make fuel cell vehicles, and the energy systems themselves, more attractive options for those interested in clean power. It may be years before such solutions become commercially viable, however, as renewable production solutions are still in a nascent stage.

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