Solar energy may be the key to global sustainability

October 7, 2016 1 By Tami Hood

Solar power may require more attention in order to become viable throughout the world

The sun may be the key to the world’s future sustainable energy needs, according Professor Arno Smets of the Delft University of Technology. Smets, along with his colleagues, envision a future where solar energy plays a major role in the future of the world. According to Smets, solar energy requires more attention, especially from world government, because this form of clean power has high returns and is quite inexpensive.

Professor aims to make solar technologies more palatable

Smets is focused on accelerating the integration of solar energy into society. The professor has developed several technologies that allow for the capture of sunlight and its conversion into useful electricity. One of his latest technologies is able to convert electricity into fuel. Smets hopes that solar energy will become an integral part of society in the near future, with people trusting in this form of clean power rather than other, less environmentally solutions.

More education initiatives are needed to secure the growth of solar energy

Solar Energy Global SustainabilityEducation may be the key to successful transition toward solar power. Smets notes that, in the Netherlands for instance, there are relatively few engineers that are able to contribute to favorable energy policy. Providing educational resources to the masses is an important step in the energy transition process. In order to facilitate this, the Delft University of Technology offers free online courses focused on clean power, called Renewable Energy & Solar Energy MOOCs. Anyone can register for these online classes and take advantage of the expertise offered by experts in the clean energy and technology fields.

The solar sector still faces many challenges

Solar energy faces many challenges beyond education than must be overcome for successful global adoption. One of these challenges has to do with the efficiency of photovoltaic technology. Solar panels will need to be able to convert sunlight into electricity efficiently in order for solar energy to become heavily supported by the world’s governments. Researchers must also find ways to continue reducing the cost of solar power in order to make it more attractive to consumers and businesses alike.


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