Solar energy storage system could bring new power to residences

Solar energy storage system could bring new power to residences

June 19, 2012 0 By Angie Bergenson

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Sol-Ion research project create new energy storage system

Researchers from the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research (ZSW) in Stuttgart, Germany, have developed a new energy storage system that could make residential solar power more viable. The storage technology comes from scientists working on the Sol-Ion research project, a collaborative effort between France and Germany. Solar energy in both countries has begun growing in prominence despite some turbulence generated by internal and international politics. As demand for new energy grows amongst consumers, both countries have felt the need to address the issues inherent with solar energy storage.

Solar energy storage system able to provide homeowners with grid-free electricity

ZSW researchers have developed a solar energy storage system that is able to provide homes with on-demand electricity, 26% of which does not come from a country’s energy grid. The amount of energy stored within the system is claimed to be enough to power a family home of four people for an entire evening. The system would allocate this energy when it is needed most and could be programmed to help wean consumers off fossil-fuels and encourage them to adopt a more energy efficient lifestyle.

Improvements required to make system viable for high-consuming families

The Sol-Ion solar energy storage system is roughly the size of a conventional refrigerator. Solar installations generate the electricity that is stored within the system. Researchers suggest that the system is efficient and powerful enough to handle the needs of an energy-conscious family, but would only be capable of providing auxiliary support for a high-consuming family. Researchers hope to make improvements to the system and its associated technologies in order to make it a more effective energy option.

Storage cited as key issue for the viability of solar energy

Alternative energy has generated a great deal of interest in Europe on the heels of economic disaster. As energy becomes more of an issue, storage has been targeted as a major problem that must be resolved. In the case of solar energy, storage is considered a key issue to the successful incorporation of the energy into the residential sector.



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