Upstream Dashboard makes energy consumption a personal issue

Upstream Dashboard makes energy consumption a personal issue

September 22, 2012 0 By Tami Hood

Upstream Dashboard tool designed to help consumers understand their impact on the environment

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory has developed a new online tool called the Upstream Dashboard that will help consumers understand the long-term impacts of their energy consumption habits. The Department of Energy has been keen to raise awareness surrounding energy consumption, efficiency, and conservation. The agency has made some progress in this endeavor, but believes that providing consumers with tools to help them understand the issue will make it more personal for them.

Tool provides information concerning energy consumption

The tool provides data on the lifecycle analysis of the consumption of energy produced through fossil-fuels and renewable sources. This data is collected from the beginning of the fuel production process, covering refinement of fossil-fuels such as crude oil, to the production of biofuels and the methods used to promote the growth of organisms that make this possible. This data can be combined with other information to form a model that depicts the consumption of energy and what impact it is having on the world.

Upstream Dashboard makes energy consumption a personal issue

Tool will help people better understand the effects of their energy habits

Using the Upstream Dashboard, consumers will be able to calculate the expected pollutants they produce through their consumption of energy. The tool will also provide them with information concerning their use of other resources, such as water, as well as provide information concerning the waste they are introducing to the environment. The tool will also help consumers formulate a conservation plan that will help them adopt more environmentally friendly habits.

Making environmental issues more personal may have positive results

The Upstream Dashboard is designed to make the issue of energy consumption and efficiency more personal. If the issue can take root with people on a personal level, it is more likely to be taken seriously. By showing people that their impact on the future will not be negligible, the Department of Energy believes that some environmental issues can begin receiving more attention and may finally find some resolution.

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