SolarCity establishes ambitious goal for the solar energy market

August 20, 2013 0 By Angie Bergenson

Company has high hopes for the future of solar energy

SolarCity, a company specializing in bringing solar energy to homes throughout the U.S., has established an ambitious new target for itself. The company is already considered one of the largest and most successful solar energy developers in the country and has helped bring solar power to many communities throughout the U.S. While SolarCity has seen a significant degree of success with its endeavors, the company has high hopes for the future and intends to see these hopes become a reality.

SolarCity aims for 1 million customers by 2018

SolarCity aims to have 1 million customers by 2018, an ambitious goal considering the company currently boasts of approximately 68,000 customers nationwide. While this may seem somewhat unrealistic given the time-frame, SolarCity recently acquired Paramount Solar, a sales and marketing firm devoted to solar energy. Paramount Solar may be a powerful tool for SolarCity’s initiative as the company has extensive experience in promoting solar energy to consumers throughout the country.

Residential Solar EnergyResidential solar energy continues to grow

Solar energy has been growing more popular in the U.S. as homeowners and businesses look for ways to mitigate the costs associated with energy consumption. The cost of fossil-fuels is growing and the financial pressure that this trend is causing has encouraged many people to embrace renewable energy. SolarCity notes that the residential solar market has been growing at a rapid pace, seeing 70% growth annually.

Market shows strong signs of annual growth

SolarCity expects that momentum toward its new goal will begin picking up in 2014. The company is currently focused on developing and installing residential solar energy systems for the private sector. The company is also installing these systems in military communities in some parts of the U.S. Collectively, the U.S. military is considered one of the most prominent supporters of solar energy in the country and the various branches of the military have shown strong favor for solar energy for myriad purposes.

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