SolarWorld brings solar energy financing to Hawaii

September 19, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

Company aims to reduce adoption cost of solar energy in Hawaii

SolarWorld, a developer and manufacturer of solar energy systems, has announced new financing plans for homeowners and businesses in Hawaii. The state is a leading market for solar energy in the U.S. and is home to many projects that seek to harness the power of the sun. Many of these projects have to do with the U.S. military, however, leaving homeowners and businesses in the state wanting in terms of clean power. SolarWorld aims to address this issue by providing financing packages for its photovoltaic modules.

Financing services could make solar power more attractive

The new financing services being offered by the company are meant to mitigate the upfront costs associated with the adoption of solar energy. Photovoltaic modules themselves can be somewhat expensive, but costs begin skyrocketing when installation comes into play. The costs eventually get so high that many homeowners are unable to justify the money they would spend on such technology. Businesses also write off solar energy systems as a waste because of the high cost of adoption. Financing plans from SolarWorld can help offset the financial aspects of solar energy and make it more accessible to homeowners and businesses alike.

Hawaii - Solar EnergyFreedom Plan offers flexible options

SolarWorld offers complete solar energy systems, including monitoring technology to keep track of the electricity that these systems generate. The company also handles installation of these systems and provides insurance protection and maintenance for up to 20 years. The financing options offered by the company are available through the SolarWorld Freedom Plan. The Freedom Plan offers low down payments and prepayment options in order to provide flexibility in terms of financing.

US continues to show strong support for solar energy

Solar energy has become a strong focus for the U.S. The country is eager to reduce its consumption of fossil-fuels for economic and environmental reasons and has been turning to various forms of clean power in order to accomplish this goal. Many states throughout the country offer financial incentives meant to encourage homeowners and businesses to adopt solar energy. These incentives help reduce the cost of adoption and also provide homeowners with money for the surplus energy they generate.

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