Southern Research to study new storage solutions for solar energy

September 21, 2015 0 By Stephen Vagus

Southern Research partners with Department of Energy for new energy storage project

Southern Research has partnered with the Department of Energy for a $3 million study into energy storage systems that are used at facilities that have solar panels installed on their property. The project will take place over the next three years and is part of the overarching SunShot Initiative. The federal SunShot Initiative is designed to encourage the increased adoption of solar energy systems and efficient energy storage solutions.

New sorbent is being used to develop a thermochemical storage solution

Both Southern Research and the Department of Energy have worked together in the past, which resulted in the development of a new sorbet, a substance that is used to collect molecules. The substance is designed to react with carbon dioxide in order to store thermal energy. Southern Research has been working to implement the sorbet into its research involving the development of an efficient and comprehensive thermochemical storage system, which could have major implications for the solar energy sector.

Effective storage solutions to make solar energy less expensive

Solar Energy - New ResearchFor the new project, Southern Research will be working with the Electric Power Research Institute to study how much of an impact thermochemical storage systems will have on the overall cost of clean power, particularly solar energy. As more companies become involved in the renewable power space, they are beginning to show more favor for solar energy, but they require effective storage solutions in order adequately make use of solar power.

Storage solutions will allow organizations to use solar energy around the clock

Because the sun is not always shining, organizations making use of solar energy must find ways to effectively store their power while they collect it through photovoltaic systems. When the sun goes down, storage solutions will allow organizations to make use of solar power. Inefficient storage methods would lead to a waste of solar power, and Southern Research believes that it can provide an effective solutions that will become quite attractive to those using solar energy as a supplementary or primary form of power.

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