Southern and Turner Renewable Energy acquire a new solar energy project

February 17, 2016 0 By Bret Williams

Companies come together to acquire the Calpitria Solar Facility

Southern Co. and Turner Renewable Energy have announced that they have jointly acquired a solar energy system that is under development in California. The two companies acquired the system, called the Calpitria Solar Facility, from Solar Frontier Americas. The terms of the acquisition deal have not yet been made available. Southern notes that the Calpitria Solar Facility is the tenth solar energy system it owns in California and the twenty-fifth renewable energy facility it owns in the United States.

Southern continues to increase its renewable energy portfolio

Altogether, Southern is responsible for some 1,800 megawatts of clean power capacity. The company owns 25 solar, wind, and biomass projects throughout the United States. Southern notes that it has announced more than 3,800 megawatts worth of projects since 2012. The majority of these projects are at various stages of development, with most having not yet reached the point of generating electrical power.

New solar energy facility will be located in Imperial County

Solar Energy AcquisitionThe Calpitria Solar Facility is the ninth solar acquisition that Southern has made with Turner Renewable Energy. The project will be located on 160 acres of land in Imperial County. The energy system is expected to be comprised of 130,000 photovoltaic modules. The electrical power generated by the energy system is likely to be sold through power purchase agreements. The Calpitria Solar Facility is expected to begin commercial operation in the first quarter of this year.

California continues work to become environmentally friendly

Solar energy has been growing quickly in California, which receives abundant sunlight throughout the majority of the year. The state has invested heavily in the development of new solar projects, hoping to increase its installed solar capacity and become more environmentally friendly. The state is also showing support for various other types of renewable energy, but has shown particular interest in clean transportation. Clean vehicles have become a priority for the state, which is hoping to establish itself as a leader in the clean transportation market.

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