Stationary fuel cells from Proton Power on their way to Germany

Stationary fuel cells from Proton Power on their way to Germany

August 8, 2012 0 By Erin Kilgore

Proton signs agreement with Modl

Proton Motor Fuel Cell, a subsidiary of Proton Power and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced a co-operation agreement with Modl, a German sheet metal processor and reactive power specialist. Through the agreement, the two companies will address the growing need for interruption-free and energy efficient storage systems for the stationary fuel cell and energy markets. The initial stages of the agreement will take place in Germany, where the need for such storage and energy systems is in high demand due to the closure of several nuclear power plants.

Modl’s experience in the German market expected to be a boon for the partnership

Modl has extensive experience in the German stationary energy market. Proton will rely heavily on the company’s experience in order to find success in the competitive landscape. Proton will be responsible for the development and deployment of efficient stationary fuel cell systems. These systems will often be used for back-up power. This particular sector of the market is expected to grow quickly in the coming years.

Stationary fuel cells may be ideal back-up power solutions for the country

The market growth is due to Germany moving away from nuclear energy and fossil-fuels. The country has adopted an aggressive stance concerning alternative energy and has made major strides in the establishment of a wind and solar power network. Stationary fuel cells have been making an impression in the country, though primarily in the back-up power sector. These fuel cells provide companies and consumers with access to reliable electricity in the event on a serious power outage. While the German government does not expect serious blackouts to occur due to its abandonment of nuclear energy, the possibility of such events is ever present.

Stationary fuel cells already arriving at their destinations in Germany

The stationary fuel cells that will be used by both companies are designed to provide energy over five hours and will range in capacity from 5 to 120-kilowatts. The first waves of these stationary fuel cells have already reached their destinations in Germany. Proton Motor Fuel Cell and Modl will provide updates regarding their performance and the state of the market within the coming months.


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