Study predicts wind energy may play a major role in reducing emissions in the UK

December 16, 2016 0 By Stephen Vagus

New study from the Edinburgh University highlights the emissions reduction capabilities of wind energy

A new study from the Edinburgh University suggests that wind energy will play a major role in reducing greenhouse emissions in the United Kingdom. Researchers have found that wind farms throughout the United Kingdom have offset some 36 million tons of carbon emissions over a six year period. This is equivalent to removing 2.3 million vehicles from the road, according to researchers. The study is based on figures from the National Grid, comparing energy production from wind, coal, and gas between the years 2008 and 2014.

UK government may be underestimating the environmental benefits of wind farms

According to researchers from the Edinburgh University, the new study is the most accurate of its kind to date. This is because the study draws upon actual data rather than estimated energy output figures. Researchers claim that the UK government underestimates the emissions prevention capabilities of wind turbines by approximately 3.4 million tons. The study suggests, however, that the Scottish government, which has been an aggressive supporter of wind energy, has overestimated the emissions prevention qualities of wind farms.

Wind could become favored in the UK, but will not be the sole form of clean power

Wind Energy - Reneable EnergyThe study predicts that wind energy systems throughout the United Kingdom could help the country meet its emissions reduction goals in the coming years. They may also be capable of meeting the electricity needs of the country in an effective manner. Wind energy may become the UK’s most favored form of clean power in the future, but it is unlikely that this will be the only form of renewable energy that will help the country meet its environmental goals.

Lacking government support has only slowed the adoption of wind energy slightly

While the UK has shown strong support for wind energy, the government opted earlier this year to cut subsidies supporting new onshore wind projects. Despite this, the wind energy sector has continued to thrive. The UK is investing more heavily in other forms of clean power, such as solar energy, in order to diversify its energy portfolio in order to accelerate its departure from traditional forms of electrical power.

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