Synthetic fuel may replace crude oil one day

Synthetic fuel may replace crude oil one day

December 10, 2012 0 By Tami Hood

Synthetic Fuel Research Princeton University

Synthetic fuel boasts of promising implications for the US

Synthetic fuel may be a viable alternative to fossil-fuels, according to researchers from Princeton University. Moreover, researches from the university suggest that synthetic fuel could actually replace fossil-fuels altogether, without making any drastic changes to current transportation technology and fuel infrastructure. There are several economic implications concerning the use of synthetic fuel as well, which have begun attracting more attention as the U.S. begins to aggressively look for a suitable alternative to traditional forms of power.

Researchers highlight the benefits of new fuel

Researchers from Princeton University, lead by Christodoulos Floudas, a professor of chemical and biological engineering, have examined a wide range of scenarios in which the U.S. can benefit through the use of synthetic fuel. Ideally, the country would produce fuel from a combination of coal, natural gas, and non-food crops. While this synthetic fuel would still produce greenhouse gas emissions, these emissions would be significantly lower than those produced through the use of crude oil. Researchers suggest that vehicle emissions could be reduced by as much as 50% over the next several decades through the use of synthetic fuel.

Crude oil may be history

Crude oil may become a thing of the past in the transportation business as well. Synthetic fuel can be produced more efficiently and in a more affordable manner than crude oil. As such, amount of money consumers would be paying for this fuel would be lower than the amount they pay for petroleum currently. The Princeton University research team also claims that the prevalence of synthetic fuel plants, which would be used to produce the fuel, could spark promising economic activity in the regions they are located. Small communities could see significant economic boost from these plants.

Synthetic fuel may help power transformation in the US

The auto industry is currently undergoing a rapid phase of evolution as more automakers begin to focus on hydrogen fuel. Though hydrogen-powered vehicles are likely to become much more common in the coming years, these companies are still keen to build vehicles that make use of traditional fuels, such as oil. Synthetic fuel could add further momentum to the country’s efforts to break away from fossil-fuels by providing drivers with an alternative that does not require them to purchase a new vehicle or invest in any new technologies.

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