Tenax Energy to build tidal energy system for Australia

Tenax Energy to build tidal energy system for Australia

November 15, 2012 0 By Erin Kilgore

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Tenax Energy teams with Charles Darwin University for tidal energy system

The first tidal energy facility in the Southern Hemisphere will find a home at Australia’s Charles Darwin University. The university has signed an agreement with Tenax Energy, developers of the tidal energy system, which marks the first steps of the development of the ambitious project. Once the energy system is completed, it will be the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and serve as a powerful example for the capabilities of alternative energy.

New system to provide energy to the city of Darwin

The tidal energy system will take form as pilot project to determine its viability and provide a proof of concept for Tenax Energy’s design. During this initial stage, the energy system will generate approximately 2 megawatts of electrical power and will be located north of the city of Darwin, in the Clarence Strait. As the project expands, the system will produce more electricity, funneling this energy to the city of Darwin.

Tidal energy may help city reach sustainability goals

Darwin currently has a goal to receive 20% of its energy from renewable resources by 2020. The tidal energy system is expected to help the city reach these goals easily, especially as the project expands. The Clarence Strait was chosen because of its depth and strong tidal currents. Tenax Energy believes that this location is ideal for a tidal energy system that is meant to provide energy to a city.

University researchers to collect data from tidal energy system

Through the coming years, Tenax Energy will be experimenting with various types of underwater turbines to determine a viable design for their energy system. Once the company has found the ideal turbine design, the rest of the system will be developed. Researchers from the Charles Darwin University will study the project and collect data concerning the potential of tidal energy. Students at the university will also get an opportunity to get a better understanding of tidal energy and alternative energy in general.

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