The Doc introduces hydrogen fuel to old Ford Mustang

The Doc introduces hydrogen fuel to old Ford Mustang

January 29, 2013 0 By John Max


The Doc takes a new approach on vehicle DIY with hydrogen fuel

When it comes to vehicles, do-it-yourself is a common theme. Car enthusiasts often enjoy working on their own vehicles, making improvements where they see fit, or otherwise applying general maintenance. Chris “the Doc” Ingrassia, who runs the YouTube Channel Operation Mustang, takes do-it-yourself to a new level, however, with the use of a hydrogen fuel system. The Doc has successfully transformed an old Ford Mustang into a working hydrogen-powered vehicle.

Hydrogen fuel cells continue to be popular throughout the auto industry

Hydrogen fuel cells have become resoundingly popular throughout the auto industry. The technology is being used as a new energy source for next generation vehicles. Automakers have taken a liking to fuel cells because they do not produce any harmful emissions, making them compliant with many of the strict emissions regulations coming from many countries. Their performance is also roughly comparable, if not better than, conventional engines, allowing automakers to continue making high performance vehicles without having to worry about higher emissions and lower efficiency.

The Doc creates a hydrogen combustion engine for the Mustang

While the Doc does not make use of a conventional fuel cell, he has created a hybrid system for the Ford Mustang that combines both hydrogen and gasoline. He has, essentially, created a hydrogen combustion engine that he claims can improve fuel economy by up to 25%. There are complications that the Doc had to overcome, of course, such as ensuring that the Mustang’s engine and other internal machinations were made of aluminum. Aluminum is resistant to the corrosive aspects of electrolysis, the process through which hydrogen gas is generated.

Capabilities of hydrogen-powered Mustang not yet fully realized

Though the Doc’s Mustang is not equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell in the strictest definition of the technology, his approach on the matter is sound. The vehicle operates as it should, but whether it can live up to its former performance has yet to be seen. Pure hydrogen vehicles have been criticized in the past as being inefficient, but critics have done little to sway the auto industry from adopting a different approach. If a mix of hydrogen and gasoline can be proven to be more effective, however, this may change the matter entirely.

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