New wind energy storage facility activated in Texas

New wind energy storage facility activated in Texas

January 29, 2013 0 By Bret Williams

Texas Wind Energy

Wind energy storage facility is the largest of its kind in the country

Wind energy continues to pick up momentum in the U.S. and the progress that this form of alternative energy is being marked by the activation of the country’s largest wind energy storage facility. The facility is located in Texas and is operated by Duke Energy. The facility is linked to the Notrees Windpower system, which has taken root in the western reaches of Texas. Equipped with innovative technology and energy management procedures, the new facility is expected to further increase the clout that wind energy is establishing within the U.S.

Efficient storage becoming more important

Storage is a very important aspect of alternative energy. Conventional storage technologies are designed for energy derived from fossil-fuels and cater to these energy production methods specifically. Because alternative energy is fundamentally different, it requires new technology to be stored efficiently. The energy generated by a wind farm, therefore, runs the risk of getting lost if it is stored using traditional methods and technologies. The new storage facility in Texas takes note of this and uses technology specifically designed to efficiently store clean electricity.

Storage technology from Xtreme Power put to use

The storage technology that is being used in the new facility was developed by Xtreme Power, an energy technology company based in Texas. The company’s Dynamic Power Resource system is used in other parts of the country and has received acclaim from within the alternative energy community. The system is comprised of several thousand of the company’s PowerCell batteries, all of which are responsible for the storage and distribution of electrical power.

Efficient storage likely to add momentum to wind energy in Texas

The new storage facility is expected to increase the momentum growing behind wind energy, especially in Texas. Wind energy has managed to gain support of the federal government through the Production Tax Credit, an initiative that provides financial incentives and support to various forms of wind energy projects. With efficient storage methods becoming more common, wind energy is expected to quickly establish itself as one of the nation’s chief energy sources in the coming years.

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