Toyota fuel cell vehicle may be cleaner than battery electrics

May 23, 2016 3 By John Max

Fuel cells may soon dominate the clean transportation space

Fuel cell vehicles could be on their way to becoming more environmentally friendly than their battery-powered counterparts. These two types of vehicles have a lot in common. Both are powered by electricity, and both produce no harmful emissions. Unlike battery electrics, however, fuel cell vehicles can be fueled in a matter of minutes, whereas conventional electric vehicles take several hours to fully charge, making them somewhat inconvenient for consumers.

Fuel cells are considered more efficient than batteries, but also more expensive

Typical battery electrics derive the energy they need from a large battery system. This is stored energy than can be tapped into when it is needed. Fuel cells generate electricity through the consumption of hydrogen fuel. One of the concerns regarding these energy systems is that hydrogen is highly combustible and storing this fuel safely is very important, especially if it is being used in the transportation space. Some automakers are making progress in ensuring these vehicles are ideal for consumers, and Toyota may have found the answer.

Toyota fuel cell vehicle is more efficient than battery electrics

Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle May be Greener than ElectricsToyota recently launched the Mirai, which may be more environmentally friendly than battery electrics. According to Toyota, the Mirai is designed from the ground up as being the world’s first production fuel cell vehicle. While it is not alone in the market, it is considered one of the most efficient and cleanest vehicles currently available. While the Toyota fuel cell vehicle does not produce any harmful emissions, fuel cells themselves are expensive to produce and hydrogen production is heavily reliant on fossil-fuels.

Renewable hydrogen production could ensure that fuel cell vehicles are the cleanest vehicles available in the world

The energy that batteries use in produced through the consumption of fossil-fuels, but hydrogen production is a notoriously energy intensive process. The hydrogen production process is beginning to rely more heavily on renewable energy. If renewable hydrogen becomes the staple of fuel cell vehicles, they will beat out conventional electric vehicles as the cleanest option available to drivers interested in clean transportation.

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